Monday, 26 March 2012

The Wall

Come back to us O lost soul,
This world is daunting we all know.
Break that Wall which is wrapped around you,
Feel pain, it is the silver lining in the sky all blue.

Come out of your delusions,
Lucid nightmares of leading revolutions.
These spiralling webs of emptiness will choke you,
Look up at heaven and find dreams that will make you.

It’s time to search for yourself, O lost soul,
Believe me, all hurts are written in coal.
Break it now, this Wall I’m talking about,
Or you’ll find it with you inside your death shroud.

I am nobody to distinguish between blue skies and pains,
A journey of riches and that of stains.
My friend, I know this Wall is too thick to break,
But hold my hand, we have a history to make.

Go back to your Mama now,
She’ll help you find yourself.
Oh! Trust me, she do crave for you.
Go back to your life now,
It’ll soften the blows of all those hammers.
Oh! Trust me, it still waits for you.