Friday, 24 February 2012

A Change In The Makin' ...!!!

Broken down by expectations
Buried under unforseen boundations,
He saw a spiralling light
Fading away from his dismal sight.
Tired of all the cringing
His godforsaken life and deceitful upbringing,
His hands joined,
And head held high,
He committed to a change under the full moon sky..!!!

He dreamt of a place,
Free from casting people out on so-called race.
Where men flew in their creativity,
Making dreams their sole priority.
Where all minds worked as one
And emotions were never shunned.
No shouts, just soft whispers leading the people,
Prayers reaching Jesus from every steeple..!!!

He searched for a stairway to such a place,
Believing it existed in some unseen space.
All it took was a realisation,
That such a place is to be made of this civilisation.
Whispered his heartbeat,
A revolution is to be brought on each street.
He pledged to be the prophet of this awakenin',

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Awakening

We stand in a crowd,
Amidst the deafening shouts,
Looking at the faces that are to run "our" nation,
They seemed like angels descended from clouds.
Masquerading Gods,
Up on a street stroll.
They grabbed our wrists,
Showed us visions of better tomorrow,
A nation having no sorrow,
A country having a better morrow.
Naive are we to not to see the twist,
Hollow lies hiding behind the deceitful mist.

It took no time to comprehended that....
The promises that stood,
were lies through and through.
Things we were made to believe,
were just the trickery hiding upon their sleeves.
The visions we were made to see,
were contrasting to the stark reality.

Soon the mist cleared,
The devils were out in the playground.
Ferocious eyes,Empty bellies,
Black hearts inside white khakis.
Lies dancing upon their face,
Stomach to be filled with greed,
Thirst to be quenched with betrayal,
In a blink-of-an-eye,scenario was naked and clear.

They are the ventriloquist,
With the strings of "our" nation in their fist.
We saw the nation being smothered,
yet we stood helpless though bothered.
We saw the nation being asphyxiated,
yet we stood hopeless and devastated.
We saw the 'golden bird' being ripped off its feathers,
yet we stood numbed with our hearts being shattered.

Ohh!! I remember that December,
when the movement erupted from a small chamber.
Awareness rose,
Patriotism bloomed,
And we arose to fight against the future that was doomed.
AWAKENED from within,
We started to detest the system,
Vendetta was planned by "we", the victim.
I remember the fall of the monarchy,
Tyranny was defeated by the "People's Army"...
Ohh!!I remember that December,
that marked our AWAKENING and when the movement erupted from one small chamber....
Ohh!!I remember...!!!!!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Somewhere, Someone....

An ode to the bustling lives..!!!

An artist searches for his lost soul through his art,
And a struggler tiptoes on the brink of heartbreak searching his Sun in the dark...!!!!

A mother waits beside a telephone to hear her son's voice,
And a loner stands on a balcony watching rain while a silent tear drop makes his cheeks moist...!!!!

Someone seeks vendetta from innocent for the ill once drawn to him in the past,
And a broken heart tries to strengthen itself by making a silent promise to never let his emotions last...!!!!

An old lady looks at the front door waiting for her grandson on her birthday,
And a mourner, deep in night, stares at moon thinking of the tragedies that had came upon him in the past days...!!!!

Someone sits lonely staring over her coffee, seeking for a shoulder on whom she can cry,
And someone, somewhere, opens the cork of his champagne enjoying his success alone staring at a night sky...!!!!

Every heart has his own sorrow,
A dreamer searches his opportunity in next morrow...
Each men carries pains,
lives full of stains...
It is always better to forget, live on and move,
Then to start living your life as a recluse......!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Slap Of Reality - PORNGATE

Long gone are those times, when our Motherland was considered as a golden bird. Every tiny particle of dust was sacred, every leaf on a tree was pure. Today, the image of this holy land is tarnished by the sheer acts of shamelessness and disgrace.

A Cooperation minister, an Environment Port minister and a Women And Child Welfare minister blackened the face of Legislative Assembly for a long time to come. Women and Child Welfare minister, ironic, isn't it..??!! Earlier, watching a porn clip during a live assembly would be considered as hilarious and an obscene joke. As of now, it is a SLAP on the face of traditionalists, moralists and the assembly in itself, whose echo will be heard, even when the memory of people fades away.

What happened to the words like 'responsibility', 'work-ethic' and 'conciousness' ?? It seems like they were sold off at dog's rate in the assembly of people who are the puppeteers of our future. Ominous !! Further emphasis should be given to the fact that these immoral beasts were chosen by the 'janta' i.e. us. It is indeed true that light engulfs darkness. Maybe their white khakis overshadowed the inherent darkness hidden inside and in the process we were fooled by them.

Time and again, I'm reminded of that famous line by Oscar Wilde, "Biggest brothel in a country is their own government." Metamorphically, this quote had an eerie truth lurking inside it. But Oscar Wilde would never had thought himself, that a day would come, when the thin line between the metamorphic meaning and the literal meaning will fade and wash away into nothingness...!!!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In The Dark Shadows..!!

Deep down in a long alone night..
Feel Him staring at you..
Feel His eyes tracing your flesh..
Feel His slow inhales..
Feel Him sitting in the darkest corner of your room..
Deep down in a long alone night..
Feel Him...!!!!!!

Searching for Him in the pitch darkness,
You step into a carnival of madness..
Eyes squinting,
Heart racing,
You gape across the room in a state of utmost nervousness.
You know from inside,
He is not far from your sight.
Hiding in the eerie shadow,
You can Feel His eyes swallowing even your brightest morrow...!!!

You sit up in your bed...
Straight..Drenched by sweats...
Fear crawling over your skin..
Sinking its teeth deep inside as u blink..
You feel the hairs of Your body rising up..
Goosebumps all over your body,
You lay rest to this anxiety and shut this all up...!!!!!!

You stand...
Feeling a tingle o'er your spine..
Nervousness creeping up your body..
Terror gripping You crab hold..
Your knees buckle under the unforeseen tension.
Afraid to blink..
Your eyes starts to water..
Unable to take your eyes off the corner,
You move in a paralysed manner...
The moment is taut,
The room is dark,
Your visions are haunting,
Your heart is pounding.

The clocks stop..
The Penultimate Moment..
To Confront fear,To End your torment..!!!!
You gaze keenly,head heavy with illogicality's,
Lookin' for a source of light amidst the blinding darkness..
Atmosphere stretched,
Head screeching loud,
You turn on the lights,
And becomes transfixed seeing Him in front of your eyes...!!!!

His eyes rooted inside yours,
Insanity dripped in the way He walked.
Evil grin on his face,
You knew that Your life was on stake.
For an instant,
The time froze.
The Demon unleashed His fury,
Lust for Blood flooded through His eyes,
Your Heart was to be ripped apart in the long alone night..!!!!

You felt His stare over You.
You felt His eyes tracing Your flesh.
You felt His deep intakes of breath. 
Knowing this was a nightmare..
You wait for the pain to recede and leave you in utter despair...!!!

You woke up in the morning..
Hangover of nightmare lingering over your head..Oh..So Sick..So Haunting..
You knew last night was a lie,
In that moment of madness,
In that insane period,
When the time froze,
You saw the devil IN THE DARK SHADOWS...!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review : Shaitan(2010)

What does it take to bring the "Inner Shaitan" out of you...????
Is it the thumping feel of the moments or is it the insane, complex and unstable working of our minds????

Shaitan features a group of youngsters to whom life is all about being reckless,being high and enjoying things over the top.Their rule is to screw all the rules but have one "usool" or mantra,"Bharosa",trust on each other.Ten minutes into the movie and we welcome their world with open hands.The awkward camera angles,catchy dialogues and superb background score only add on to the freshness of the movie.But,life can't be just happy and fun going for our gang.A wild night and an all-of-a-sudden incident changes their lives and gloom plays on their faces replacing the shaitani out of the frame.From here on begins a mind numbing journey making us see the ugly faces of corruption,kidnapping,of facing inner demons,betrayal,dope,vice and the unapologetic truth.And guess what..!!We end up sympathising our uber cool guys.The way of letting us know the little little nuances(read "shaitani") associated with each character helps us to dive in their twisted lives and gets emotionally attached to them.From the dark and raw past of Amy to the present day thinking of the girl,we understand the reason of her being neurotic and why she have the rawest of emotions you have seen on screen in quite some time.

The zany,fast cutting camera work(can be compared to Darren Aronofsky's movies) along with the hard hitting and hard-to-accept,gruesome reality makes us sit up and see the eccentric movie which will surely find many haters along with the lovers.Special mention of "Khoya Khoya Chand" sequence is a must as such a rendition just takes you off guard.The uncanny chase through Dharawi is splendid too and will surely create many goosebumps.

The loopholes,well..very less actually.Maybe the half-baked story of the cop(Rajiv Khandelwal) or the reason of Amy's mothers' eccentric behaviour.
This exhilarating ride will definitely leave your eyes quenched of  the amount of perfection shown by the newbie director and when the end credits role down,what left with you will be the surreal sound of bass and a feeling of being numb.Go out and UNLEASH YOUR DEMONS.

Obsession For Confrontation..!!!

I succumb to this pain,

All my resistance lie like trash and in vain.
Deceived by those eyes of a swan,
Convinced into entering the world so forlorn.
She was a misfit,
I played my gambit.
I balked from my impulsive temptation,
But she was adamant for a final confrontation...!!!

Wicked tears streamed down her glistening face,
Her utterance wore no lace.
She fought like a witch in a barbaric way,
She screamed like a lamb just before the slaughter took place.
She was a curse,
Doomed I was to follow her verse.
She was sick,
Doomed i was to fall for her trick.

Inflicted by her moaning,
Repulsed by her ugly frowning,
I looked up to her,
That mean cur.
The face that once was my life,
The girl that is now my wife.
A sudden rush, a maddening moment,
The mirror on the black wall, a victim of my torment.
Broken,tainted pieces of glass hung from the surface,
In which I see her red,treacherous eyes spiralled like a maze.
Pieces of mirror, so synonym to our relation,
Let me get o'er this nightmarish fixation.

 I think of that unholy time,
When the dark nails of fate pierced my flesh,
I was in my prime,
And we both entered this mess.
Tempted I am to put a nail on this coffin of a relation,
But illusions of love barricade my vision.
With so much of hate seeped in here,
I ask myself,
Was Love Even There...????