Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Estranged Lair

The haunting moon hung in the dead sky,
Hollow at its core akin a madman’s lie.
Bloodcurdling screams clothing the atmosphere,
Daylight gets lost in this deranged sphere.
Welcome to this harrowed nightmare,
Come abode to the devil’s estranged lair.

Sanatorium they announced it,
A place rooted deep in hell’s murky pit.
Demented heads limped in the shadow,
Whispering rages beside an infernal meadow.
Ripped souls yearning meaning in the barren fields,
Ashes of reality lies in a cesspool caressing humans heretofore peeled.

A sea of neurotic waste,
Diabolically alive and chemically laced.
Organ grinding machines to pulp their brain,
Authorities liable for forging them insane.
They weren’t different,
Just mismatched souls to whom the command gave bitter treatment.
Sane theorized madmen as dissimilar,
But the lunatics knew that ordinary heap were never a gift-believer.


  1. Common man = Insane. Hmm.. Maybe..

  2. We blame the mad for getting lost in their alternate reality. I believe it is us as we are the ones who are lost in our own make-believe world.

  3. Great list..good to see wolf of ws in the list :-):-):-)