Sunday, 18 May 2014

[Movie Review] Godzilla: Savagery over Heart

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Director: Gareth Edwards
Runtime: 122 Minutes

Inhumane are those whose skin 
doesn't crawl when there are red trails in the skies, falling over a ruin of a city and the desolate landscape is being captured through the eyes of a gas mask accompanied by an eerie, ominous music. It is true that the scale is set gregariously, the cinematography is simply stunning and the behemoths are of breathtaking proportions, but when it comes down to the center, the warm spot where Godzilla’s core should have been, something went amiss.

Scientist Joe Brody played terrifically by Bryan Cranston (Am I biased for Walter White?) goes to extravagant length for the search of truth when his wife gets killed in a supposed nuclear disaster. Assisting him is his reluctant son Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) in a search that may change the face of mankind. The truth shrouded as a mystery for first half hour is slowly revealed until the beasts take over the plot with flamboyance and rest, well, its technical marvel.

Truth be told, it is not Transformers or Pacific Rim which suspends sentiments for CGI loaded action. It makes a viable attempt to inject passions in characters and to give them a purpose so as to shape a climax Godzilla deserves. It succeeds partly but feels two movies stuffed in one as the narratives rejects to gel up.

Gareth Edwards who earlier helmed the critically and technically superior Monsters might have been wondering what went wrong into making this multi-million dollar monster mayhem. Is it the money that stole the heart of Godzilla away or is it the heart of the movie that ran after the money!

To put it simply, Godzilla when being taken as a metaphor to nuclear disaster fails; but as a monster mayhem, it succeeds tremendously.

When everything will be said and done, one can’t look away from the screen or neither stop himself from uttering a high pitched glee when the big G makes an appearance. If that is not enough, there is always that roar which can turn your insides out and the final clash between the towering monsters is enough to make your jaw drop on the floor.

It is brutal, savage, unrestrained and colossally ambitious. Let it rip!

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