Saturday, 28 July 2012

Love in Paradise

I’m just a lover,
Shimmering like an evanescent night moon.
Hovering on the brim of my beloved’s eye,
Akin delicate ashes from a burnt paper bird,
In a lone, sunlit room.

I’m just a lover,
Whose romance been enkindled by the Sun.
Lost in the winter walk of my love amidst the snow in a bower,
Where the feathery fragrance of her skin,
Dissolve in the beautiful wind.

I’m just a lover,
Ruminating o’er the amber lit eyes of my love.
Spinning webs of everlasting existence,
Lying arm in arm under the moonless sky,
With the stars lighting our boulevard to eternity.

Who am I but a lover,
Sighing like a withered furnace.
Falling upon love in the moist clouds,
Where the dew from the eyelashes of my love,
Wet the ocean of my heart.

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