Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Dance Of Love

She walked in slowly. She was bathed in black satin, complementing the blushing red canvas of the café.  Our eyes met and the moment was etched to the memories. We didn’t dare to blink, for it would blot the perfection. She approached the table where I was awaiting her arrival, counting my breaths. She sat down across me, self-assured, graceful in her motions.

The rain splattered on the dusty windowpane adjacent to the table. The sky carried a tinge of flames, indicating to a fierce newborn love, sprouting in the valleys unknown. Driving my eyes away from the sumptuous beauty outside the café, I whispered greetings to the lady. She reciprocated. I looked over her shoulder, to the mirror on the wall against her. It was silvery; shining and suffused by her presence. I traced the outlines of her velvety locks in the mirror, intermingling together; they were a web of exquisiteness.

Cravings drive men to achieve the unattainable. The delicacy of the moment entranced me. I slid my hand across the table, and held her soft, tender hands. A gesture of longing, it was a wave of love.  The heartbeat of shyness, flutter of kohl eyelids and the throbbing rhythm of beast trapped inside my chest, I knew that flaming stars had draped my night sky with shades of artistry.

Soaked by her elegance, I was still in awe. The smoke from the candle, swirling above our table fashioned a mist. The whole moment was hung somewhere in time, immovable, delicate yet strong. I stared in her eyes, an epitome of expressions. My eyes sketched her face and rested over her lips. Her smile was shimmering slowly over the hazy landscape. A mystic sensation had fallen over her appearance, a concealed passion, blazing as a searing white flame.

Words hide desires but sentiments never lie. The meet seemed eternal; resonating a zenith of emotions. The sky now wore a color of orange and the dusk set in. Emotions wedded content. The time had finally come to part ways. With an everlasting promise to meet again, we went down the separate roads. The dance ended. 

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  1. Oh I just can't stop smiling! What a lovely depiction, I never expected such a beautiful embodiment of love in prose. I don't know how much time it took you but this is really in its own class. I really loved it all but the ending! boy it couldn't had been any better. "Words hide desires but sentiments never lie." Cheers man! keep at it! :)