Thursday, 25 October 2012

God- The Omnipresent

If you seek wisdom, past contains it. If you seek knowledge, present holds it. If you seek truth, traverse the vales of eyes. If you seek admiration, a devotee has it for his deity and if you seek God, He lies within you.

For centuries, we have wandered across the globe, in manner to attain completion with oneself. For one doesn’t know that in continuum to find oneself, one must be lost completely. It is a well-known saying that in order to witness heaven, one must witness hell within himself.

I believe that some people are gifted, in a mystical sense. They have premonitions, omens and I certainly believe that they converse with some higher energy. They are seers, the future bearers or the messiahs sent to us for our salvation. We come across such liberators and then, out of the blues, discard them for being a veil over the simplistic truths carried by our primeval traditions.

These liberators are the individuals that have attained that level of oneness with themselves and the nature. They act eccentric for they have seen the wild play and have even studied the trajectory of a sparrow. The secret has been opened to them and they are the true masters of their own self. We, on the other hand, owned by our earthly possession are afraid of such minds; as to us, they are the abstracts of nature. We misjudge beauty for beast and consider them possessed by the malevolent.

We never see the sun in the sky and blame the clouds for hiding the eternal radiator of light. These people, liberators I call them, are the ones that are bridging the gap between the Higher Energy and the humankind. We must stop considering these gifts as peculiar curses and learn to appreciate this gambit of God. These people carry no vagueness and such messiahs’ lies within each and every persona. Only when we escalate from our possessions, we will see His canvas and can be connected to our inner self and become the beholders of light.

When such a day would come that we learn to admire that life exists in the minutest of happenings around us, shall we feel the omnipresent. God lives in a smile, in a teardrop, in the rustling of winds and even in the songs of a swan bird. For when we stop searching for Him, can only He be found!

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