Sunday, 24 February 2013

[Movie Review] A Good Day to Die Hard: Worse than the Chernobyl Disaster

Cast: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch
Director: John Moore
Genre: Action, Thriller.
Runtime: 97 minutes

Wait! You must be kidding me. This saggy faced, self-deprecatory lunatic can’t be the John McClane we used to love. No, you just can’t ruin a character to this level of absurdity. Really, Bruce Willis, you signed this vile junk of a movie? And trust me, throwing the Spartacus famed, Jai Courtney, won’t help either, for A Good Day to Die Hard was a pile of rubbish that reached its tipping point by the end of first hour and then collapsed stupidly in the climax.

Visibly old John McClane (Bruce Willis) goes ‘on a holiday’ to Russia to bring his dolt son, Jack McClane (Jai Courtney) back in line. What he realizes is that Jack is not a fool anymore but an undercover CIA agent (well, that doesn’t stop him from making his horrendously awful grins) working against people who are trying to set up a nuclear bomb. So, the duo teams up to beat the goons in every way possible while Bruce Willis, in between those rains of bullets, repeatedly says that he is on a holiday. Phew!

I wonder what was the franchise owners thinking when they gave the directorial nod to John Moore, who previously made movies like Max Payne and The Omen. Extremely silly direction combined with a broken screenplay wrecks this flick and makes it the worst entry for the franchise. Not even the action sequences, which were pretty breathtaking to be honest, can save this from the mess it had become till the end looms into perspective. 

Helicopters crash, glasses break and buildings collapse on a regular interval. Unapologetic loudness and crash dialogues steals away the fun that was so easily found in the previous entries of the franchise. Even the whole set up of Chernobyl feels derivative with the smell of clich├ęs rotting the environment of the movie.

A Good Day to Die Hard is as pointless as it can get. With crass attempts at humor and a filthy American bigot premise, you can’t help but feel sorry for the fan boys who have stuck around for the unfolding of this chapter in McClane’s saga. Trust me, avoid this mess!

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