Sunday, 3 March 2013

[Movie Review] I, Me aur Main: Who’s the Best? Definitely not this film!

Cast: John Abraham, Prachi Desai, Chitrangda Singh
Director: Kapil Sharma
Genre: Drama, Romance

Two successive Fridays and we have back to back coming-of-age tales. While Kai Po Che was a magnificent example of finesse cine-making, I, Me aur Main was an apt illustration of how degenerate such a subject can go when it is not handled with utmost care.

“I love me too”, that is how the doors of Ishaan’s (John Abraham) world open for us, a world where even the air smells full of him. Upon entering, we are introduced to Anushka (Chitrangda Singh), who apart from being efficacious and independent, is madly smitten, for no specific reasons, with our self-infatuated music executive.

Suddenly and maybe for the sake of narrative advancement, she decides to climb the steps of maturity and dumps Ishaan out of thin air. So, rather than getting a lift for some improvement, Ishaan finds refuge is his new neighbor, the effervescent Gauri (Prachi Desai). To nobody’s surprise, what then left is the act of making a man out of a boy that Ishaan was, in the most clichéd way it was possible.

The debutant director, Kapil Sharma, fails to deliver and with a clumsily edgy storyline falls like a winged bird who wanted to touch the likes of ‘Wake up Sid!’ The good he did was in the brightly lit frames he delivered, which makes it a feel-good movie. It also rides high on the peppiness of its music and many instants are carried alone on the shoulders of the background score. The editing is a strong department and with a tight run-time, this splash of dudes’ fairytale, though being tiresome, at least doesn’t drag.

In this ever falling heap of monotony, it is the boxer cladded John Abraham who stands out for his performance. Flowing with oodles of charm, he hits straight at you and sweeps you over with his self-assured smile. Chitrangda Singh carries forward her alluring persona from Inkaar but fumbles through scenes that require an emotional depth. Prachi Desai looked similar to Anushka Sharma from Jab Tak Hai Jaan and this is nothing short of a compliment.

Though being cinematically glamorous, I, Me aur Main ended up being a hollow cannonball with nothing but stereotypical dialogues and corny situations wrapping its surface. Not an Abraham die-hard? Avoid!

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