Thursday, 24 October 2013

[Not a Movie Review] Man of Steel: Supermeh’s Soul Sold for Gold!

Cast: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon 
Director: Zack Snyder
Producer: Christopher Nolan
Music: Hans Zimmer

There comes a point amidst the rumble of the structures, slaughter of humanity and the deafening roar of a city turning into barren ruins where suddenly our caped crusader realized that three lives are at stake and conveniently, he twitched General Zod’s neck in one smooth motion of his hand. If it was that meek, that pretentious; why didn’t he do the honors in the first 120 minutes of Man of Steel? God Damned!

From a director who is totally into blood bathing (Remember 300!), an actor you have barely seen before (Who remembers Immortals?), a villain with a fixation for mass destruction (Been there, done that) and a producer who turned down the offer to produce the next in this series; comes Superman’s reboot featuring a hard gel that holds your hair while traversing at light speed and a dress that somehow never loses its luster, Man of Steel.

Man of Steel did raise some gargantuan expectations in the first hour with the inside struggles of an adolescent trying to come to terms of his own existence in this grand scheme of universe. And then I reached the underlying conclusion of Superman’s fascination with wrecking a city which is Superman’s parenting. It is a glorious example of “How not to raise a child?” with his father and mother all cool about him letting others die around him just so to shield his identity.

Henry Cavill, the man chosen to wear the symbol ‘S’, did live up to the expectation of being corny as he delivered the most atrociously lame dialogue after kissing his lady love with a graveyard of a city lying in the background. And then we have Amy Adams whose face doesn’t know how to change that appalling expression of awe she wore throughout the movie but well, that comes as a pass as she is reportedly dating Superman and getting carried away by Kryptonians for no possible reasons. Meh!

Christopher Nolan knew better and Zack Snyder saw it coming; Superman alone could not have lift this franchise into the clouds they have imagined for it. Zack, thus roped in Batman for the next movie and maybe the ‘S’ in the Superman costume may now just stand for ‘subordinate’ rather than hope in times to come.

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