Thursday, 9 February 2012

Slap Of Reality - PORNGATE

Long gone are those times, when our Motherland was considered as a golden bird. Every tiny particle of dust was sacred, every leaf on a tree was pure. Today, the image of this holy land is tarnished by the sheer acts of shamelessness and disgrace.

A Cooperation minister, an Environment Port minister and a Women And Child Welfare minister blackened the face of Legislative Assembly for a long time to come. Women and Child Welfare minister, ironic, isn't it..??!! Earlier, watching a porn clip during a live assembly would be considered as hilarious and an obscene joke. As of now, it is a SLAP on the face of traditionalists, moralists and the assembly in itself, whose echo will be heard, even when the memory of people fades away.

What happened to the words like 'responsibility', 'work-ethic' and 'conciousness' ?? It seems like they were sold off at dog's rate in the assembly of people who are the puppeteers of our future. Ominous !! Further emphasis should be given to the fact that these immoral beasts were chosen by the 'janta' i.e. us. It is indeed true that light engulfs darkness. Maybe their white khakis overshadowed the inherent darkness hidden inside and in the process we were fooled by them.

Time and again, I'm reminded of that famous line by Oscar Wilde, "Biggest brothel in a country is their own government." Metamorphically, this quote had an eerie truth lurking inside it. But Oscar Wilde would never had thought himself, that a day would come, when the thin line between the metamorphic meaning and the literal meaning will fade and wash away into nothingness...!!!!

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  1. Of course, Oscar didn't dream about this blurring of imaginary line between quotes and reality. He saw it, happen with his own eyes.