Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Obsession For Confrontation..!!!

I succumb to this pain,

All my resistance lie like trash and in vain.
Deceived by those eyes of a swan,
Convinced into entering the world so forlorn.
She was a misfit,
I played my gambit.
I balked from my impulsive temptation,
But she was adamant for a final confrontation...!!!

Wicked tears streamed down her glistening face,
Her utterance wore no lace.
She fought like a witch in a barbaric way,
She screamed like a lamb just before the slaughter took place.
She was a curse,
Doomed I was to follow her verse.
She was sick,
Doomed i was to fall for her trick.

Inflicted by her moaning,
Repulsed by her ugly frowning,
I looked up to her,
That mean cur.
The face that once was my life,
The girl that is now my wife.
A sudden rush, a maddening moment,
The mirror on the black wall, a victim of my torment.
Broken,tainted pieces of glass hung from the surface,
In which I see her red,treacherous eyes spiralled like a maze.
Pieces of mirror, so synonym to our relation,
Let me get o'er this nightmarish fixation.

 I think of that unholy time,
When the dark nails of fate pierced my flesh,
I was in my prime,
And we both entered this mess.
Tempted I am to put a nail on this coffin of a relation,
But illusions of love barricade my vision.
With so much of hate seeped in here,
I ask myself,
Was Love Even There...????

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