Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In The Dark Shadows..!!

Deep down in a long alone night..
Feel Him staring at you..
Feel His eyes tracing your flesh..
Feel His slow inhales..
Feel Him sitting in the darkest corner of your room..
Deep down in a long alone night..
Feel Him...!!!!!!

Searching for Him in the pitch darkness,
You step into a carnival of madness..
Eyes squinting,
Heart racing,
You gape across the room in a state of utmost nervousness.
You know from inside,
He is not far from your sight.
Hiding in the eerie shadow,
You can Feel His eyes swallowing even your brightest morrow...!!!

You sit up in your bed...
Straight..Drenched by sweats...
Fear crawling over your skin..
Sinking its teeth deep inside as u blink..
You feel the hairs of Your body rising up..
Goosebumps all over your body,
You lay rest to this anxiety and shut this all up...!!!!!!

You stand...
Feeling a tingle o'er your spine..
Nervousness creeping up your body..
Terror gripping You crab hold..
Your knees buckle under the unforeseen tension.
Afraid to blink..
Your eyes starts to water..
Unable to take your eyes off the corner,
You move in a paralysed manner...
The moment is taut,
The room is dark,
Your visions are haunting,
Your heart is pounding.

The clocks stop..
The Penultimate Moment..
To Confront fear,To End your torment..!!!!
You gaze keenly,head heavy with illogicality's,
Lookin' for a source of light amidst the blinding darkness..
Atmosphere stretched,
Head screeching loud,
You turn on the lights,
And becomes transfixed seeing Him in front of your eyes...!!!!

His eyes rooted inside yours,
Insanity dripped in the way He walked.
Evil grin on his face,
You knew that Your life was on stake.
For an instant,
The time froze.
The Demon unleashed His fury,
Lust for Blood flooded through His eyes,
Your Heart was to be ripped apart in the long alone night..!!!!

You felt His stare over You.
You felt His eyes tracing Your flesh.
You felt His deep intakes of breath. 
Knowing this was a nightmare..
You wait for the pain to recede and leave you in utter despair...!!!

You woke up in the morning..
Hangover of nightmare lingering over your head..Oh..So Sick..So Haunting..
You knew last night was a lie,
In that moment of madness,
In that insane period,
When the time froze,
You saw the devil IN THE DARK SHADOWS...!!!!!!!

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