Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review : Shaitan(2010)

What does it take to bring the "Inner Shaitan" out of you...????
Is it the thumping feel of the moments or is it the insane, complex and unstable working of our minds????

Shaitan features a group of youngsters to whom life is all about being reckless,being high and enjoying things over the top.Their rule is to screw all the rules but have one "usool" or mantra,"Bharosa",trust on each other.Ten minutes into the movie and we welcome their world with open hands.The awkward camera angles,catchy dialogues and superb background score only add on to the freshness of the movie.But,life can't be just happy and fun going for our gang.A wild night and an all-of-a-sudden incident changes their lives and gloom plays on their faces replacing the shaitani out of the frame.From here on begins a mind numbing journey making us see the ugly faces of corruption,kidnapping,of facing inner demons,betrayal,dope,vice and the unapologetic truth.And guess what..!!We end up sympathising our uber cool guys.The way of letting us know the little little nuances(read "shaitani") associated with each character helps us to dive in their twisted lives and gets emotionally attached to them.From the dark and raw past of Amy to the present day thinking of the girl,we understand the reason of her being neurotic and why she have the rawest of emotions you have seen on screen in quite some time.

The zany,fast cutting camera work(can be compared to Darren Aronofsky's movies) along with the hard hitting and hard-to-accept,gruesome reality makes us sit up and see the eccentric movie which will surely find many haters along with the lovers.Special mention of "Khoya Khoya Chand" sequence is a must as such a rendition just takes you off guard.The uncanny chase through Dharawi is splendid too and will surely create many goosebumps.

The loopholes,well..very less actually.Maybe the half-baked story of the cop(Rajiv Khandelwal) or the reason of Amy's mothers' eccentric behaviour.
This exhilarating ride will definitely leave your eyes quenched of  the amount of perfection shown by the newbie director and when the end credits role down,what left with you will be the surreal sound of bass and a feeling of being numb.Go out and UNLEASH YOUR DEMONS.

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